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The first literary lawn party at the
oakleigh house

October 12th, 2024

We are extending an invitation for authors to participate in our upcoming event, with a maximum capacity of 40 authors. Multiple packages are available for your selection.

For $50, authors are required to provide their own tents, tables, chairs, and other necessary equipment, with 19 slots currently available.

A $75 package offers authors a shared table under a large tent, inclusive of half a table, one chair, and a table cover, with 4 slots available.

At $125, authors receive exclusive access to a table under the large tent, complete with two chairs and a table cover, with 2 slots left.

The organization will be providing the large tent and tables included in the $75 and $125 packages.


Furthermore, we are seeking 3-4 authors who would be interested in delivering speeches during the event.

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