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2024 Boyington Oak Festival








May 4 & 5, 2024
Oakleigh House Museum

Package Price: $55.00, includes:

  • 4th Production of Play ($20):

The Truth is in the Tree
Written by: Mary S. Palmer

  • Oakleigh House Museum Tour ($10)

  • Footsteps of Boyington - Gulf Coast Trolley Tour ($25)

  • Signed copy, Boyington Oak: A Grave Injustice ($20)

  • Drinks, Boarding House Crackers & SO jam delicious

Note: $55 package saves $20 over individual purchases!

Children under 12 are free with a paying adult. 

Schedule for Both Days

1pm- Tour of Oakleigh/Trolley Tour

2pm- Tour of Oakleigh/Trolley Tour

3pm- Play The Truth is in the Tree

4pm- Tour of Oakleigh/Trolley Tour

5pm- Tour of Oakleigh/Trolley Tour

Tickets: You can choose either the EARLY session (1-4PM) or the LATE session (3-6pm). Each session includes both tours and the play. Individual event tickets are also available. Tickets can be purchased here

The Boyington Oak Festival is an annual event hosted by the Boyington Oak Society and the Historic Mobile Preservation Society. This year the event will be held May 4 & 5  at the Historic Oakleigh House located in Midtown Mobile. Featured in the event is the play “The Truth is in the Tree,” which tells the true story of Charles Boyington. Journeyman printer, poet, and musician, Charles Boyington, was hanged for the murder of his critically ill best friend. As he predicted would happen to prove his innocence, an oak tree grew from his gravesite in Mobile, Alabama. It still stands almost 200 years later. Tickets to the event are $55 and include the play, a tour of Historic Oakleigh, a trolly tour titled “Footsteps of Boyington,” and a signed copy of Boyington Oak: A Grave Injustice by Mary S. Palmer.



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