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2016 Preservation Award Winners

Nell Schley Rutherford Preservationist of the Year Award: Midtown Mobile Movement

Stephen Croom Award, Excellence in Preservation: Rogers and Willard, Buick Building

2016 Preservation Award Recipients:

Murphy Alumni Association, for the Carlen House restoration 

 Pace Burt, the adaptive reuse of Marine Street Lofts 

 Vicky Rye, Chamberlain Avenue house renovations 

 Elise Poche and Naude Gouws, renovation of the Haberdasher on Dauphin Street 

 Clifton and Ginna Inge, adaptive reuse of the Steeple, formerly known as the St. Francis Street Methodist Church 

 Gerald and Michael Diane Keehn, Augusta Avenue Gulf Coast cottage renovation 

 Downtown Mobile Alliance, leadership and service in lobbying for the renewal of the Alabama State Historic Tax Credit 

2015 Preservation Award Winners
Stephen Croom Award, Excellence in Preservation: Mr. Schley Rutherford, Jr. for St. John House, N. Conception Street
Preservation Milestone Award: Bellingrath Gardens
Institutional Award: Barton Academy Foundation
Commercial Preservation Award: DeBriere Building, St. Emanual Street
Residential Preservation Award: Ms. Geri Moulton, Paterson House, Government Street
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