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Joe Taylor is the author of several story collections and eight novels, most recently Highway 28, West from Sagging Meniscus Press and Silent Bob from Nat1 Book, LLC.  He has three novels coming out in the next year or so, Persephone’s Escalator from Sley House (who published his fantasy novel Bad Form), Eric and the Anti-Tankers plus Don’t Be Lonely, Lone Ranger, both from Nat 1 Book, LLC. He has two comic novels in verse, Pineapple and Back to the Wine Jug, from Sagging Meniscus Press. He has been the director of Livingston Press at The University of West Alabama . . . forever.

“Poor humans, poor creatures!” The chorus of voices that interrupt and thus animate Joe Taylor’s swift and pointed Highway 28 West echo in the mind and ear of a reader long after the final page is turned. The story line is kaleidoscopic and urgent; the style is downhome; the sentences shine as with a yellow light. . . . Thank you, Author!"                     

Fred Chappell, The Kirkman Family Cycle and winner of The Bollingen Prize for Poetry

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