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Dr. DeLois Jackson is a 2X Amazon Best-Selling, 1X International Best-Selling, and Award-Winning Author.  She is a multifaceted visionary with a profound passion for education, spirituality, and storytelling. She has dedicated her life to nurturing the minds and souls of young learners.  As the esteemed owner of a PreK-12 private school, she fearlessly shaped a compassionate and innovative learning environment, empowering students to embrace their uniqueness and unlock their full potential.  Beyond her educational pursuits, she is a celebrated author, captivating both young and old with her inspirational and heartwarming children’s books.  She effortlessly weaves life lessons, empathy, and moral values, leaving a lasting impression on her readers.  She is a true advocate for transformative education, spirituality, and the power of words, Dr. Jackson continues to touch countless lives, igniting flames of curiosity, compassion, and creativity in the hearts of those she encounters.  Her unwavering dedication to education and storytelling exemplifies a life devoted to making the world a better place.

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